About Us
In January 2015, the Saeima’s controversial new amendments to its residency permit laws are expected to enter their second and third hearings. Before the political debate gets underway, it is worth reflecting on the current situation, and analysing what the future prospects for Latvia’s residency permits may be, if these amendments remain as they are.
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About Us

Law office „Padva and Partners Baltia” was founded in 2005 with participation of one of the most famous Russian attorney at law Mr. Genrikh Padva, who is the Managing Partner of the Law office „Padva and Partners” in Moscow.

In connection with expansion of scope in June 2013 company changed its name to „Padva, Parinov and Partners”.

Law office provides advice and legal services on Russian, Latvian and English languages.


·         Residence permit in Latvia;

·         Corporate law;

·         Legal support in all types of real estate transactions;

·         Opening bank accounts in Latvia or other European Union countries;

·         Due diligence.

Law office „Padva, Parinov and Partners” offers full range of services regarding registration of temporary residence permit in Latvia on the basis of investments.

Residence permit in Latvia on the basis of investment in real estate (purchase of a house or an apartment) – is a unique opportunity in countries – members of the European Union, which differs with low cost of real estate in Latvia (price for sq.m) and full transparency of all legal actions and procedures.

In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

Loans for the purchase of the real estate

Law office „Padva, Parinov and Partners” in collaboration with Latvia’s leading banks offers a possibility to obtain long-term loan for real estate purchase, followed by a possibility to obtain a residence permit in Latvia. For more information please contact our specialists.